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Rami Abushhab is a Meisner trained actor and stand up comedian in Chicago, Illinois. Rami was featured on "Laughter Is Good For The Soul" which debuted as the #1 comedy album in the US on iTunes. Here are examples of Rami's work both on stage and on screen.

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"Let's change the world"

Rami Abushhab

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Rami Abushhab is an Arab-American actor and comedian based in Chicago, Illinois. Rami received his training at the Green Shirt Studio in Chicago, where he learned the Meisner method under Andrew Gallant, who was taught by actor, author, and master Meisner teacher Larry Silverberg. Since then, he has been featured in national commercials for companies such as Lids and RCN Cable as well as starring in several independent films. In 2019, Rami formed a stand-up comedy group called Terminal Five, with the goal of uniting minorities through the power of comedy. Terminal Five Comedy has gone on to produce four sold-out shows with over 400 tickets sold in the Chicago area. The group continues to produce shows in the city and is looking to expand out-of-state.

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In 2019, Rami and his friends formed the stand-up group called Terminal Five Comedy. Since arriving on the scene, the group has sold out four shows with over 400 tickets sold. The group continues to produce shows in the city and looks to expand out-of-state.

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For bookings and collaborations, please feel free to contact me at the email below.

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